For me, financial independence is a dirty secret.

Most people want to retire early and to be financially free, but not many people have an actionable plan in how they are going to achieve this.

Only my wife (and you!) know about my ambitions to retire early.

I’ve turned a couple of very close friends onto the FIRE movement. They are aware of Mr Money Mustache, of F-You money and the 25x withdrawal rate. Do they know that I’m working towards all of this? I’m not sure.

One of my friends is very keen on investing, but has no idea where to start. I mentioned him and his excessive takeaway habit in one of my first posts. I’ve pointed him in the direction of some of my favourite FIRE websites and blogs, and he’s slowly coming round to the idea. But I’ve not mentioned any books about retiring early.

When it comes to buying Christmas presents, I know exactly what I’ll buy him.

JL Collins’ book is the last word on financial independence. It defines it. As a concept, I’m not sure anything really needs to be said about the movement and what it means. You may have heard of Collins through the FIRE movement, and if you haven’t, I suggest you look at his website.

It sets out a strategy and methodology to start and complete the undertaking and to retire early. Its not preachy or judgemental like other personal finance books. You don’t need an economics degree to understand it, either.

JL Collins’s book is easily accessible. His voice is calm and reasoned. Take a look at this post, where he gives the reader a meditation when the stock market is plunging. The book does what it says on the tin: it sets out a simple path to wealth. In my view, it is one of the best personal finance books.

A Simple Path to Wealth is a perfect stocking filler for those interested in financial independence and retiring early.

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