In the UK we are in lockdown, as we try to battle the coronavirus pandemic. 

The mainstream media keeps linking this to World War 2, in a bid to pull the country together. This is quite a bold leap. Where our relatives went out to war, never knowing if they’d see their loved ones again, we are just being asked to stay at home.

I’ve read about some people who are finding it really difficult, as they battle cabin fever.

If you’re sitting in your pyjamas all day binge watching Tiger King on Netflix, this could be an easy trap to fall into.

But always trying to see the other side of the coin, I’m loving it. I have never felt this free, this fit, or this happy. 

Here are a few things I’m doing.

  • Learning Spanish: I’ve been doing this for about a year, by using the Duolingo app. But now I’m progressing much faster, and reading Spanish online papers, listening to Spanish radio shows and watching TV shows in Spanish (45rpm is excellent). It’s really rewarding when you can start to translate sentences.


  • Exercising: I predict that people will either get very fit or very unhealthy during a lockdown. I’m snacking less, as I’m not moving around as much. And everyday I’m doing a Joe Wicks type HIIT session, or busting out the dumbells. Plus, I’m using my daily exercise allowance to go on a long walk with my wife and baby.


  • Gardening: we’ve been lucky, as it hasn’t rained much here since we’ve been in lockdown (yes, this is England and it is occasionally sunny). We’ve spent a lot of time in the garden, tidying it up and enjoying fresh air and being outside. It’s something we won’t take for granted again.


  • Cooking: people are panic buying, despite assurances that the UK’s supermarket supply chains can cope, so it means that we have to be more inventive when we are preparing our meals. The things that have been sitting in our cupboards for a while are being dished up nightly for our dinner. It means we are being more creative by substituting ingredients and making our own bread. Most importantly, we are now able to eat every meal as a family.


Here’s one thing I’m not doing.

  • Reading the mainstream media: The news is bleak at the moment, and doesn’t leave much room for optimism. This situation is outside of my circle of control, and is not something I can influence. It’s easy to see why people are selling, and why the FTSE 100 has dropped 30%. Why would you want to hold your position in this market?


But as I’ve mentioned, I’m a buyer in this market. By selling your shares, you are turning a paper loss into an actual loss. I have hope that the economy, and worldwide shares, will regain their lost ground in due course.

Ever the contrarian, I’m buying stocks to reach financial independence.

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***The information contained herein does not constitute financial or other professional advice and is general in nature.